This upgrade is applicable to those MOONEY M20 aircraft that were not factory equipped with 3-Point Diagonal Shoulder Harnesses; aircraft that require the installation of upper attachment points to accommodate the attachment of the shoulder strap.

The shoulder strap upper attachment points are created by adding a MS27405-6 clamp to the fuselage tubing structure, adjacent to and aft of each pilot’s outboard shoulder.

The design of the shoulder strap upper attachment is similar to that provided by Mooney on M20J aircraft; Serial numbers 24-001 thru 0083 and 24-0085 thru 0629. The installation is accomplished through the installation of the attachment hardware to the existing 4130-chrommolly fuselage structure, without modification.

This installation may be considered by the FAA to be a “Minor Alteration”; per AC 43.13-2B, chapter 9, par 903, a, 1/2. And requires an authorized mechanic to document the change with a logbook entry.

Seat belt assemblies are available in two styles; replacement fixed strap assemblies, or replacement inertial reel assemblies.

These replacement restraint assemblies are constructed to meet the requirements of TSO-C114 and are superior to the older TSO-22 belt assemblies. They are fabricated using upgraded hardware components and the polyester webbing will provide a longer service life than the previously used nylon material.

FAA Brochure on Seat Belt Safety