Post 1996 Model Cessna's

AmSafe Aviation Part Numbers  

504516-401-xxxx      504516-403-xxxx      504516-405-xxxx      504516-407-xxxx  

504541-401-xxxx      504541-403-xxxx      504541-405-xxxx      504541-407-xxxx     

504851-401-xxxx      504851-403-xxxx      504851-405-xxxx 

    172 / 172S (1996 & on)

    182 / T182 (1997 & on)

    206 / T206 (1998 & on)

FAA/TSO AmSafe® 3-point diagonal replacement restraints for 1996 and later Cessna aircraft.  This is a complete new replacement for 1 (one) seat - shoulder harness and lap belt. An 8130-3 airworthiness certificate is provided.

This is a non-stock item. Please allow 15-17 weeks to shipment

FAA Brochure on Seat Belt Safety

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