Belts: New Installations

VIDEO: HE WALKED AWAY from this Crash;  starting at 0:23 you see his light in the parking lot  (courtesy of Jeff King - PA-32-260)

Our FAA/PMA STC shoulder harness installation kits include complete new OEM quality AmSafe® belt assemblies, meeting TSO-C114, as well as all FAA/PMA approved hardware for the addition of shoulder harnesses in the 2 (two) front seats - both the pilot and co-pilot positions. Matching 2-point rear seat lap belt replacements are also available.

STC Kits are stocked for shipment in Black, Gray, or Fawn. Over 50 different colors are available by Special Order at no extra charge. Please allow 4 weeks for shipment.

NOTE: Cessna 150, 150A thru K, Cessna 172L thru Q, 172RG (rear harnesses), Cessna 200 series and M20 A thru early J model aircraft can add restraint assemblies by Minor Change. An STC is not required. See "New by Minor Change"

FAA Brochure on Seat Belt Safety

Form 337

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