What our customers tell us

Wonderful experience with the customer service, Jessica and all the team were very helpful and quick when we ordered a couple of inertia reel seatbelts for our Cessna 207. Alpha Aviation is a truly fantastic Family business ! I'll definitely come back !

- Christophe de Petiville


Thanks Paula, and just to brag on you and your team - it has been a fantastic experience working with y’all. High quality product, fast shipping, helping us out with the loaner belt, and graciously sending us the extra hardware after our butterfingers mishap. Y’all have a top notch operation, and I’m recommending you to all my Mooney friends!

- Alex Montgomery


This customer walked away from a crash...and then bought another set of belts

Dear Alpha Aviation:                                                                                            

I wanted to write you about your seat belt's for aircraft. I picked the alpha aviation belts because they were more comfortable and had the inertia reel. I had some of the non-inertia ones during training in rentals and half the time the instructor didn't wear them because they were too restrictive. I can also attest the Alpha's work real world in an actually aviation crash that I myself had in 2009 which was caught on a security cam:

I walked away from the accident and fully credit your product for that. Judging by the bruise on my shoulder under the shoulder belt, my face would have been planted in the instrument panel when I hit the parking lot curb (which sheared off the nose gear). Alpha belts were the first thing in my PA32-260 (the above accident plane) when I bought it as well as my current plane, a Piper Aztec. Thank you for making such a fine affordable product for aviation. 


Jeff King
N5797Y Piper Aztec


[...] I am really impressed with your outstanding service. I will post my experiences on Mooneyspace forum. Let me know how can I spread good word about you somewhere else. 

Robert Ross


I just wanted to say thanks for getting those jacks on the way today. Not only that, going over the e-mails from four years ago it compels me to say your customer service excellent.

Many Thanks,
Denis Mexted


I purchased a set of your jacks a couple years ago and am quite satisfied with them. They are lightweight enough to use in my mobile service units, yet I find them quite robust enough for most applications. [...]

Many thanks,

Mark Bushrod,
AvWorks Aerospace


I finally got the plane up and flying with the new interior including your shoulder/lap seatbelts. Thought you'd like to see how it turned out! I flew last weekend and wanted to tell you I LOVE THEM!

Not only do they look great, and are un-intrusive when hanging/stowed, they are comfortable, easy to use (buckle & unbuckle) have good range of motion in the auto ratchet, etc. I am your biggest fan, and if anyone has any questions/concerns.... send them my way!

Anonymous (re: Cessna 12B)


Thank you both for all of your help with the seatbelts. I put 3 hours on the plane today and comfort was vastly improved with your seatbelts. It was a great investment. 

Brandon T. Walker