Belts: Replace / Upgrade

 VIDEO: HE WALKED AWAY from this Crash;  starting at 0:23 you see his light in the parking lot  (courtesy of Jeff King - PA-32-260)

Complete, new FAA approved OEM quality AmSafe® 3-point diagonal restraints that meet current TSO standards. These are available in both Fixed Strap and Inertial Reel Equipped styles as well as 2-point rear seat lap belt replacements. An 8130-3 Airworthiness Certificate is included.

Most replacements are stocked for shipment in Black, Gray or Fawn and are sold as "Per Seat" which includes 1 (one) restraint assembly - shoulder and lap belt.  Over 50 different colors are available by Special Order at no additional charge.

NOTE: Cessna 150, 150A thru K, Cessna 172L thru Q, 172RG (rear harnesses), Cessna 200 series and M20 A thru early J model aircraft can add restraint assemblies by Minor Change.  See "Upgrade by Minor Change"

FAA Brochure on Seat Belt Safety