Beech 76 Duchess

Replacement Front & Rear Inertial Reel 3-point Replacement Restraint Assemblies for Beech 76 Duchess Models.

These restraints replace the following part #'s found in the Illustrated Parts Catalog (IPC);

  • 500779-3 Shoulder Harness (Serial #'s ME-1 thru -ME-282, ME-284 thru ME-286)
  • 500779-12 Shoulder Harness (Serial #'s ME-283, ME-287 thru ME-438 and after)
  • 500869-405 & -500869-407* Lap Belt (Serial #'s ME-1 thru ME-428, ME-430 thru ME-438 and after) NOTE: * -407 has a sheath on the lap belts.  Our replacement does not.
  • 500779-4 Shoulder Harness (Serial #'s ME1 thru ME-286, except -283)
  • 500779-15 Shoulder Harness (Serial #'s ME-283, ME-287 and after)
  • 50087-405 Lap Belt (All Models)
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