Mooney M20 Front Fixed Strap Replacement - Push Button

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Sold As: Per Seat - 1 (one), Pilot or Co-Pilot
Applicable Models: M20 A thru K
Minor Change Kit: Yes - for aircraft without existing factory installed shoulder harnesses
Availability: Standard fit in Black, Cruiser Gray, and Fawn. Special order colors produced on demand.
Return Policy: Custom orders are non-refundable and non-returnable
Pandemic Recovery: Please allow 20-22 weeks for non-stock items. Stock colors may be backordered - please contact us for availability.
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**PLEASE NOTE: Based on your model and color choice, there may be a delay in receiving your order due to manufacturing restrictions. If your order will be affected by this delay, you will be notified by email and information will be provided as to when you can expect your order to ship. If you have any questions, please contact us.**

FAA/TSO-C114 OEM quality AmSafe® 3-point diagonal (single strap over) shoulder harness replacement / upgrade restraint for use on Mooney Model M20A thru early 1976 Mooney M20J that were not equipped with factory installed harnesses, and later model M20J and M20K aircraft with factory supplied harnesses. For those models that do not have the factory installation, a "Minor Change Kit" is available to create shoulder harness attachment points in the pilot or co-pilot position. You can purchase this kit with your belt order.

You will receive 1 (one) complete restraint assembly for 1 (one) seat - Pilot or Co-Pilot.

  • 1 fixed strap (manually adjustable) shoulder harness (single strap/diagonal over the shoulder)
  • 1 lap belt with push button style release and 2 bolt on end fittings
  • 8130-3 airworthiness certificate

HOOK / QUICK RELEASE / CLIP END FITTINGS or BOLT-ON END FITTINGS?  (there is an image with descriptions in the photos)
Mooney originally used hook/quick release/clip style end fittings. There were reports of a cotter pin rubbing and causing damage to the upholstery.  Models that have hook/quick release/clip end fittings can install the bolt-on end fittings by removing the bolt the hook goes around, slipping the end fitting over the bolt and then securing it back into place.

Your older Mooney Aircraft can be upgraded to a 3-Point Diagonal Shoulder Harness in the front by the incorporation of our "MINOR CHANGE" Installation Kit. The kit includes the necessary hardware items and instructions to complete the installation. The installation of 3-Point Diagonal Shoulder Harness assemblies, using our "MINOR CHANGE" Installation Kit, does not require FAA approval; as the installation does not require that the air frame structure be modified by drilling or welding. A sign-off from an A/P rated mechanic is required. 

The Minor Change Kit is available here as an add-on and will automatically calculate by the # of belts ordered. If you order 2 belts and click "yes" for the kit it will show up on the invoice as qty 2 kits.) There is no need to order another minor change kit from the Mooney Minor Change A-G, early J page.

PLEASE NOTE: We Do Not Recommend 3-point Restraints With A  Lift Lever Release For Aircraft With Manual Gear. The lift lever buckle can inadvertently be released which will disconnect the lap belt sections.  Is the push button mechanism as solid as a lift lever buckle? They are both tested to very high standards and holds as well as the traditional buckle.

Over 50 different colors are available by Special Order at no additional cost. Please allow 4 weeks for deliveryPlease Note: We cannot accept returns or provide refunds on Special Orders or Special Order Colors.

MOONEY M20F (and a few C's): Some of the Mooney's have a panel that restricts access to the door post making it basically impossible to add shoulder harnesses using our Minor Change Kit.  We know it's been done, but we do not know the procedure being used

M20A through G & Early J Upgrade Instructions
M20J Upgrade Instructions
Special Order Colors