Mooney M20 - Lift Lever Buckle

An STC IS NOT REQUIRED to add 3-point diagonal shoulder harnesses to the front seat positions of an M20 A thru early J model that did not come equipped with factory installed attachment points.

This can be accomplished by the incorporation of one of our "Minor Change Kits".  There is no welding, drilling, riveting, etc, - nothing that would require an STC.

Restraint assemblies and the Minor Change Kit are sold separately.   Minor Change Kits can be added from the restraint page.

MANUAL GEAR MODELS:  We recommend the restraint assemblies with a Push Button Release for M20 models with Manual Gear.  This will deter any unintentional tripping of the buckle.

FAA Brochure on Seat Belt Safety         Minor Change Statement  (also available on harness pages)