Ercoupe Brake Master Cylinder Replacement SMK-88 - STC SA01407CH

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STC SA01407CH Approved Models: Ercoupe Models 415-C, CD, D, E, G, F-1 and F-1A

FAA STC SA01407CH (FAA STC/PMA approved installation)

Approved for Ercoupe Models 415-C, CD, D, E, G, F-1 and F-1A aircraft.

This STC is designed to be installed in aircraft with the Brake Master Cylinder installed 
under the floor boards ahead of the front spar.

It is intended to replace aging Scott Model 4350 Master Cylinders that have reached 
the end of their service life.

This kit includes the necessary modification parts and instruction to replace an OEM 
Scott cylinder with a new design SS13000 Master Cylinder.

Outstanding results have been achieved with the Cleveland brake installation.

The SS13000 Master Cylinder works with the Goodyear brake system when combined with new discs and linings.

Goodrich - Hayes brakes will require the continued use of the OEM Scott Model 4350 
master cylinder.

The use of MIL 5606 (Red) hydraulic fluid in the brake systems is continued.

When accomplished in conjunction with an Annual/100 Hour inspection with the floor 
boards removed, the additional labor requirements is approximately 2 hours.