Ercoupe #1320 Gross Weight Increase STC

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STC SA02450CH Approved Models: Ercoupe 415C or 415CD Serial #’s 113-4423 and 4500 and up

FAA STC SA02450CH -(FAA STC Approved Installation)

Product: Authorization and Installation Instructions

Approved for: Ercoupe 415C or 415CD Serial #’s 113-4423 and 4500 and up

No Parts Required (In Most Cases)

STC SA02450CH will increase the allowable Gross Weight of Univair (ERCO) 415-C and -CD Aircraft from their present 1260 pounds to a 1320 pound maximum weight.

This 60-Pound increase in Gross Weight will provide the operator with a greater margin of safety through the ability of the average aircraft to carry a full fuel load (24 Gallons) and two (2) 170-Pound occupants.

Airframe Qualification

The following criteria must be met prior to the application of STC SA02450CH and the use of the increased gross weight that it authorizes.

  • The aircraft is a Univair (ERCO) Model 415-C or Model 415-CD.
  • The aircraft has not been converted to a Car 03, TCDS A-787 aircraft.
  • The aircraft must be in compliance with CAR, Part 4a, approved TCDS A-718.
  • The aircraft is to have a standard airworthiness certificate.
  • The airworthiness certificate is in the Normal Category.
  • The aircraft is powered by one of the following approved engines:  TCM:  C75-12;  C75-12F;  C85-12  or  C85-12F 
  • The installed propeller is approved in combination with the installed engine.
  • Previous modifications or applied STC s do not preclude the installation of this STC.
  • Determine that an acceptable longitudinal control system is installed or can be installed.

Elevator and Trim Tab Requirements  

  • The subject 415-C and CD Aircraft must incorporate a longitudinal control system meeting the following:
  • Elevator - Full span elevator (ERCO Drawing 415-22017, with a moveable 1 3/8 trim tab cut into the right trailing edge. (ERCO Drawing 415-22031)
  • or Elevator - Split elevator assembly (ERCO Drawing 415- 22037) 
  • and Trim control -  Cabin wall (415-C) or console mounted control. (415-CD)


There are three styles of elevators that may be found installed on Model 415-C and 415-CD aircraft. 

415-C Aircraft were originally equipped with a full span elevator (ERCO Drawing 415-22001), without a moveable trim tab. 

Elevators, per drawing 415-22001 do not fulfill the requirements of this STC

Later 415-C Aircraft were equipped with a full span elevator (ERCO Drawing 415-22017), with a moveable trim tab, cut into the right trailing edge. (ERCO Drawing 415-22027) 

Aircraft with trim tabs per ERCO Drawing 415-22027 will need to be updated with the installation of PN 415-22031-4, 1 3/8 trim tab blade, per ERCO Drawing 415- 22031. 

415-CD Aircraft were equipped with a full span elevator (ERCO Drawing 415-22017, with a moveable 1 3/8 trim tab cut into the right trailing edge. (ERCO Drawing 415-22031). 

These installation conform to the requirements of STC SA02450CH. 

415-C and 415-CD Aircraft, Model E split elevator. An unknown number of 415-C and 415-CD aircraft have been field modified and FAA approved to incorporate the split elevator assembly (ERCO Drawing 415- 22037), first seen on Model 415-E aircraft. 

It has been determined that a properly rigged E model elevator assembly satisfies the requirements of this STC.