Ercoupe Fiberglass Super Nosebowl SMK 72 - STC SA3502WE

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STC Approved Models: 415-C, 415-CD, 415-D, A2, A2-A, E, F1, F1-A, G, M10


Is your nose bowl in need of replacement?   Is it cracked, patched and just simply looking bad?   Worn out and wearing thin from years of vibration?   It's too expensive to purchase a new replacement and all the used nose bowls you have seen are as bad as yours?   REPLACE IT with a Fiberglass Super Nose Bowl for half the cost of an aluminum nose bowl.

The KE2-635 Super Nose Bowl has been developed to allow owners and operators of Univair (ERCO) 415-C, A-2, F-1 and M10 series aircraft to replace their aging OEM aluminum nose bowls with a fiberglass replacement nose bowl; ERCO 415-40421, 415-40451, 415-40460E, Forney F4063.   The KE2-635 Fiberglass Replacement Nose Bowl provides the same fit and finish as the OEM aluminum article with the advantage of improved airflow, durability and repairability.

  • Advanced design provides increased cooling
  • Modern, rounded look which is easily painted
  • If damaged, can be easily repaired to its original appearance

Airframe Qualification;  Aircraft that have a standard airworthiness certificate are eligible for this installation

Weight & Balance; The weight difference between this nose bowl and the original aluminum nose bowl is negligible and therefore the existing weight and balance computations for the aircraft are not affected and need not be recomputed.


STC Installation Overview

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