#332 - 3 Ton 26" - 49"

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Effective Range: 26"- 43", 32"- 49"
Ram Capacity: 6,000 lbs (3 Tons)

Especially suited for use on Cessna 310/320 Aircraft. Supplied with a removable 6" riser to accommodate the higher jack points found on some aircraft. Similar in design to Model #326, this unique design allows the Model #332 to be easily converted for use as a Model #326 by removing the 6" riser. Owners report this versatility to be of great benefit when aircraft of various types are housed together or the jacks are loaned out to others.

NOT RECOMMENDED FOR: Beech Model 99, Beech 1900, Citation Series, Cheyenne I/II/III/IV, Conquest King Air, Navajo, Pilatus, Queenaire, T28

Jack Features

  • Concave Top Assures the Aircraft Stays on the Jack
  • Double Action 3 Ton (6,0000 lb) Hydraulic Cylinder 
  • Locking Safety Collar Secures the Load
  • Rugged Heavy Gauge Steel Construction
  • Stable Three Leg Design Clears the Gear Doors

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