Mooney M20 A thru Early J Minor Change Kit

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Minor Change Kit: Hardware to create the shoulder harness attachment point
Required For: M20 A thru G and early J Models without factory installed shoulder harnesses

THE MOONEY M20 A - G / EARLY J "MINOR CHANGE" Installation Kit  is required in addition to your choice of seat belt assemblies.

This Minor Change Installation Kit for Mooney M20A-G & early J's contains hardware for 1 front seat.  (The photo shows hardware for 2 seats)

Your older Mooney Aircraft can be upgraded to a 3-Point Diagonal Shoulder Harness in the front by the incorporation of our "MINOR CHANGE" Installation Kit. The kit includes the necessary hardware items and instructions to complete the installation. The installation of 3-Point Diagonal Shoulder Harness assemblies, using our "MINOR CHANGE" Installation Kit, does not require FAA approval; as the installation does not require that the air frame structure be modified by drilling or welding. A sign-off from an A/P rated mechanic is required. 

If you have existing shoulder harnesses in your aircraft, this kit is not needed.


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