Lap Belt Extender - AmSafe 2023

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Applys to: AmSafe® 2-point lap belts
Does NOT apply to: 3-point diagonal restraints, lap belts that are not AmSafe®
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While it should seem fairly straight forward, there isn't a universal lap belt extender that is compatible with every 2 point lap belt. 

Our Lap Belt Extender is for use with AmSafe® 2-point lap belts purchased through Alpha Aviation, or that are to be used with an AmSafe® 2-point lap belt. It should be noted that some older AmSafe® (American Safety) 2-point lap belts do not have a compatible extender.   Please feel free to contact us to verify availability.

The part number from the TSO Tag located on the lap belt will be required to match it to the appropriate part number.  The TSO tag would be either a cloth label sewn onto the lap belt, or a metal tag that is fastened to the lap belt. 

PLEASE NOTE: Lap Belt Extenders are applicable to 2 point lap belts only and cannot be used with 3-point diagonal shoulder harness restraints.