CLEARANCE - 2 (two) 3 Point Inertial Reel Restraint - Cruiser Grey

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  • 2 - Shoulder Harness with Inertial Reel (Single Bolt Reel, 0.390" Hole)
  • 2 - Lap Belt with New Buckle and End Fittings
  • 8130-3 Airworthiness Certificate
  • Certificate of Conformance

QTY: 2

MFG DATE: October 2020

FLAWS: 1 has a stain on the tag and there are a few marks on the webbing.  1 of the web slides has a scuff mark.  The stain did not transfer through to the webbing and the marks did not damage the threads in anyway.  These flaws are identified in the photos.

COLOR: Cruiser Grey, AmSafe Color #8013

LENGTHS: (please verify with what you currently have)

   Buckle Half 10" (female section of lap belt, fixed length, non-adjustable)

   Connector Half 44" (male section of lap belt, adjustable length, fully extended)

   Shoulder Harness 60" (fully extended)


  • Beech A36 - Front, Pilot or Co-Pilot   NOTE: this is an upper/behind the shoulder mounted.  This is not compatible with a sidewall mounted reel.
  • Beech F33A, 36 Series, V35B, 95-B55 - Center Row Passenger Seats
  • Beech Baron 58 -  Front, Pilot or Co-Pilot or Center Row Passenger
  • Piper PA18-135 - Front
  • Piper PA20/22 - Front, Pilot or Co-Pilot  NOTE: this has a shorter buckle section.  Most have 16".  Please verify length.
  • Piper PA23 - Front, Pilot or Co-Pilot  NOTE: surface/exposed mount.  Not
  • Piper PA28, PA32 Cherokee Six, PA28RT-201T, PA32R-300, PA32RT-300 - Rear Passenger Seats
  • Piper PA31 - Front, Pilot or Co-Pilot - Navajo, 31-325 Navajo, 31-350 Navajo/Chieftain
  • Piper PA32R-301 - Center Row Passenger Seats
  • Piper PA44 - Rear Passenger Seats
  • Socata Rallye 235E - Front, Pilot or Co-Pilot
  • Widgeon - Front, Pilot or Co-Pilot

Clearance Items are non-returnable/non-refundable.