AmSafe's SOARS Kit

You are interested in installing the AmSafe SOARS Kit (inflatable airbag system) but your aircraft does not have existing factory installed attachment points or attachment points that were installed under an STC approval;  Our Fixed Strap STC Kits and Minor Change attachment point kits will provide what is needed.

For Aircraft with Remotely Mounted Inertial Reels; (not on the door post) reels mounted down behind the seat, under the window, or in the back of the aircraft will need to relocated to the door post (b-pillar) using the attachment point that is currently the d-ring.


Q: How long is the shoulder harness included with the SOARS kit?   A: 55"

Q: My harnesses are longer & mount remotely (not on the door post).  Can I install the SOARS kit?   A: Yes, but you will need to reposition the reel position to the door post/b-pillar

Q: Will there be a 4 point SOARS installation?   A: No.  There are no plans for that at this time.

Q: Is the AmSafe SOARS STC Kit EASA approved?   A: Not at this time.  A one-time validation will be required.

Q: What colors are available for the belts in the SOARS kit?   A: Black