Model E Elevator

UNIVAIR (ERCO) 415-C, 415-CD, 415-D / SERIAL # 113 through 4868




$250.00 Each

Shipping $7.00
E- Elevator Installation Overview

This STC was developed in order to improve the handling, landing performance and safety of certain
Univair (ERCO) 415-C, -CD, - D aircraft through the installation of the later Model "E" split elevator
assembly (Drawing 415-22037) and Low Speed Warning Cushion (Drawing 415-52025).

This installation improves the slow speed handling and landing performance of the aircraft without
sacrificing the anti-spin characteristics of the design.

Required Changes: This effort will require that candidate 415-C aircraft be modified, if not previously
accomplished, to include an elevator trim tab control system. Univair Installation SK-4.

The Modification of 415-C, -CD and -D aircraft will include installing an "E" elevator assembly (415-22037),
center hinge (415-22038), elevator control arm (415-52024), spring (415-22026) and link (415-52027);
plus attaching hardware to complete the Low Speed Warning Cushion.

Parts may be sourced as removed from the existing installation, salvaged parts or new production items.

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