The Model 838HLW jack features our exclusive 31.5" cylinder assembly that provides a full 25" of available lifting range. The Model #838HLW combines the strength and versatility of our Model 838W high wing jack with the ability to provide a full 6" of additional ram travel. Ram travel that translates into additional ground clearance, working room and reduced set up time. The #838HLW jack accomodates the complete line of Cessna 300/400 aircraft. When the need is for a jack that can deliver superior ground clearance, and accommodate a wide range of aircraft, the Model #838HLW is the choice.


Effective Ranges
32"-57" and 38"-68"

Ram Capacity 16,000 lbs (8 Tons)


$449.00 per jack

Shipping $75.00 per jack



Beech Model 99, Beech 1900, Citation Series,
Cheyenne I/II/III/IV, Conquest, King Air, Navajo,
Pilatus, Queenaire, T28

Jack Features

  • High LIft Cylinder (25")
  • Double Action 8 Ton (16,000 lb) Hydraulic Cylinder
  • Highly Versatile
  • Shipped with Adapters for 32" & 38" Starting Heights
  • Locking Safety Collar Secures the Load
  • Convenient Pump Handle Storage
  • Rugged Heavy Gauge Steel Construction
  • "Tilt & Go" Wheels for Greater Mobility
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      Wheel Instructions
      Jacking Instructions
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